Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A bedraggled old yellar cat,
has come to live here, where we're at.
He's not glamourous by far,
no is he a star.
He's just another stray,
Who has lost his way.
I don't know how he got his name;
or how he achieved his claim to fame.
I do know he holds his tail high,
as he goes strolling by.
Perhaps he thinks he's a lion;
king of the jungle.
Here he has his reign of this domain.
He has won the hearts of us cat lovers;
it means free tidbits and leftovers.
To others he is just a nuisence;
a flea bitten critter;
A cat who was born into the wrong litter.

Movie Star

I should have been a moviestar, driven a big fancy car.
Intermingled with the rich and famous, been the most glamorous.
I should have learned to act, dance, and play the part
I could have won any man's heart.
I should have been a moviestar; traveled near and far.
Going places I never dreamed I would go;
Europe, Asia, and even Mexico. I could have been a
jet-setter a real go getter.
I should have been a moviestar,
riding to my premiere in a limosine;
dining on the finest cuisine.
I could be in the spotlight; doing a show every night.
I should have been a moviestar.

Cats Forever

To be truly free is to be a cat
You can run though a grassy meadow;
Laugh, twirl, feel the wind on your brow.
Dance in the moonlight;
on a warm summers night.
Pick some daises on the roadside;
as you try to thumb a ride.
Travel to unknown places;
See unfamiliar faces.
Listening to the melody of the rain;
as you board the train.
Strum on the guitar,
watch a shooting star.
To be free in this life;
without the worry and strife
Is to be free like the cat.