Monday, November 23, 2009

Friends Glorius friends

The meaning of friendship to me and my cats. My cats are considered to me to be my best of friends. I mean who else will sit there and really listen when you blabber on and on. My cats have heard me laugh, cry, and complain. They are always there for me in good times and the not so good times. I look back through my life and it seems like my cats have always helped see me through. Now don't get me wrong. Some of these kitties, my beloved best friends had to cross over to the beautiful rainbow bridge. Each of them still hold a piece of my heart. They are still in my heart of hearts. I can still easily remember each of their names, alot easier than I can remember peoples names of those I've met throughout my life. I have met a lot of nice people through twitter, that share a love of animals as great as mine. Some of the animals there are having a really tough time due to illness. It really tugs at my heart to see their pets, their loved ones not doing well. There is Petie The Cat, a beatiful 15 year old kitty diagnosed with stage two renal failure and Muldercat that is foregoing chemotherapy. I really pray that each of them will be cured, that both of them can enjoy many more years with their owners. It just doesn't seem fair that our pets should have to go through similar illnesses as us humans. We do have what we call the #pawcircle, which is an outgoing of prayer to each of these beloved pets. I know God put animals on this earth for us to care for. I have also always believed that God has a Heaven just for our pets. Alot of people would probably disagree with me on this, but its my opionon. Why would God make animals in the first place then? He made them for companions for us humans, thats why we should love and care for them. So tonight before I rest I say a special prayer for all the animals in need of a miracle that God will reach down from Heaven and comfort them.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Why I love Autumn

Autumn is a time for all plants to rest from the growing season. Unless you live in the really deep south, most plants will die within the first frost. Evergreens, however, will remain green and stay that way throughout the winter. Even perienniels will die back so they can return in the spring. Some animals also hibernate throughout the winter months. I like to think of Autumn as earth's time for a rest. It also gives me a chance to look forward to Springtime, which everything comes back to life and starts all over again. I love watching the leaves as they swirl through the air in various shades of gold, rust, and maroon. Yes, Autumn brings cooler temperatures, the morning air is filled with crispness, the earth smells fresh and alive. This is the time of year my cats love to watch the squirrels as they go about gathering nuts for the winter months. They can sit hours on end watching these little critters, they get so excited and chatter at them. I also put food out for the birds, I know they also need nutritution for the cold winter months. So this is why I love Autumn, enjoy the fall my friends to look forward again to spring.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Greetings, hope everyone is having a great day. Hoping to spread a ray of sunshine to all my followers and readers. My thought for the day is to remain positive. There is alot of negativity in this world that loves to rear it's ugly head. Being positive isn't easy. I know, I thought my answer to life's problems was to drink. I thought I could drown my problems away. Then I awoke one morning and thought this really was not the answer. I haven't had a drink for almost six months now. I guess I denied I ever had a real problem like alot of achololics out there. I chose to take a stance. Never did I attend achololics anonymous. I just Quit! That was a eye opener. I had the willpower to overcome that devil, and I did. Yes, I do have those day's that don't go right and I get that thrist for it. I know now though I have a different path to follow and I am. That's why I am writing this. To let everyone know there is hope. Take what life has to throw at you today and make lemonade. Laugh, have a good laugh even if it means looking at funny videos or reading a good joke.

"Missing You"

I'm sitting here listening to the music we once danced to;
It makes me feel a little blue,
because I'm thinking of you.
It's not just a phase I'm going through;
Can't you see my love;
I'm missing you?
I would give anything to be by
your side;
to stop the many tears I've cried.
This pain inside is real;
I can't help the way I feel.
Yes, I am missing you dear;
I so want you to be near.
These long winter days will pass by
Then we can be together at last.

Good Wednesday morning, this is entitled-"Ode to Lovers"

In the middle of the night;
I did sit in my bed upright.
In the stillness I listened;
Reflections of light on the window pane
My dream seemed so incredibly real;
The taste of wine on my lips I still feel.
Until the morning we did dance and dine;
We kissed in the rain;
Strolled down lover's lane.
With our hands entwined;
We became one within each others mind.
Our souls met there;
Unerneath the big oak my passion I
did share.
As my body gave way to yours and time
stood still;
I remember my dream of us together
on that grassy green hill.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thought waves

I have entitled this thought waves. Have you ever stopped to think how many thoughts you could amass in a day? The answer could actually total into the thousands. I previously spoke of having hope. Hope also acquires having faith, both are emotions. This also relates to thoughts. The more I research the thought principles, faith, and hope they all relate to each other. Why am I writing on this? Because I really desire to have the best life can offer. Yes, I am thankful for all that I have. I thank God I woke up this morning to a roof over my head, food in the kitchen, a TV to watch. That mountain of debt is still there though. Unpaid bills stare at me, how are they going to get paid. I know it's tough to think positive, part of me wants to cry. What good is that, right? So I take in mother nature, the beautiful flowers in my garden. The birds at the feeder, they sure don't looke worried. When I look at each of my wonderful cats they don't look worried. My cats keep me happy, they make me smile by their antics. Faith has brought me through alot of ordeals, so many I probably can't remember them all. I cling to that faith still. These bills will get paid, somehow, some way. God isn't finished with me yet. The Bible says that God has a plan for my life. Believeth and faith will lead me on. I will continue to be positive and smile. My thought waves will help me achieve the best. Keep on smiling.

Monday, October 12, 2009

What the world needs-HOPE

Good day to all. With all this talk of 2012 being doomsday and all the negativty this creates. I have realized what this world needs is Hope. Hope isn't something you can buy, see, or even touch. We all can lose hope at different times in our lives, that is the easy part. To hold onto something that we can't see, now that's the hard part. I too catch myself doing this. I lose track of what my truth faith is. I only see a mountain of unpaid bills, collection notices, and calls that I choose to ignore because I get so overwhelmed that the feeling of doom gets me to succumb. Then I try to remember that there is hope. Hope of a tomorrow and all I have to do is have Faith, even if it is small as a mustard seed. Faith cannot be seen either, it is like the wind. You can only see the wind as it brushes past the leaves in the trees or feel it brush by you on your skin. We can all use Faith to move those mountains each and everyone of us faces. Find faith today my friends, have the hope that tomorrow will bring good tidings. My prayers are with all of you.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A bedraggled old yellar cat,
has come to live here, where we're at.
He's not glamourous by far,
no is he a star.
He's just another stray,
Who has lost his way.
I don't know how he got his name;
or how he achieved his claim to fame.
I do know he holds his tail high,
as he goes strolling by.
Perhaps he thinks he's a lion;
king of the jungle.
Here he has his reign of this domain.
He has won the hearts of us cat lovers;
it means free tidbits and leftovers.
To others he is just a nuisence;
a flea bitten critter;
A cat who was born into the wrong litter.

Movie Star

I should have been a moviestar, driven a big fancy car.
Intermingled with the rich and famous, been the most glamorous.
I should have learned to act, dance, and play the part
I could have won any man's heart.
I should have been a moviestar; traveled near and far.
Going places I never dreamed I would go;
Europe, Asia, and even Mexico. I could have been a
jet-setter a real go getter.
I should have been a moviestar,
riding to my premiere in a limosine;
dining on the finest cuisine.
I could be in the spotlight; doing a show every night.
I should have been a moviestar.

Cats Forever

To be truly free is to be a cat
You can run though a grassy meadow;
Laugh, twirl, feel the wind on your brow.
Dance in the moonlight;
on a warm summers night.
Pick some daises on the roadside;
as you try to thumb a ride.
Travel to unknown places;
See unfamiliar faces.
Listening to the melody of the rain;
as you board the train.
Strum on the guitar,
watch a shooting star.
To be free in this life;
without the worry and strife
Is to be free like the cat.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here comes the Beaver

Greetings! My name is Beaver and my mom adopted me when I was only 3 weeks old. The people I was staying with had just had a litter of kittens and the lady I was staying with told my dad at work about her kitty that had kittens that were polydactyl. She said the momma cat was also a polydactyl but the dad wasn't and only 2 kittens born with extra toes. She said she was giving them away to a good home. Well that led dad to ask my mom if she wanted another kitten. Mom said yes, but she wanted to come and look at me and make sure I was healthy. I made her heart melt once she seen me. I was little but had lots of energy, me and my brothers and sisters were playing and being kittens we were really clumsy. I made moms face light up and smile. So the lady said when I was 6 weeks old and weaned she sould come and pick me up. In the meantime mom called to check on me and my progress. Finally the day arrived and my new mom came to pick me up with a small cat carrier. My said she already had a name for me it was Beaver, the reason is because of the boy cat they had was name Wally. Mom and dad both like to watch the show Leave it to Beaver. Wally is my bigger brother too, he was 2 years old when I arrived at my new home.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ode to Smokygirl

In remebrance of my beloved Smokygirl I wrote this poem

We got you when such a small little kitten
Yes I admit I was quite smitten
The softness of velvet was your fur
Your stubby little tail as a manx
I knew I had to have you for sure
I miss you my friend, my beautiful silver girl
I miss you jumping on my back
Playing with my hair as if on a attack
I know that you are now truly free
and in my heart forever you will always be
My Beautiful Smokygirl

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We took the little tuxedo kitten home. Feeling sorry for him, the first thing I did when we got home was to take him into the bathroom and inspect him. As I did so I seen something moving in his fur turned out he was covered in fleas, literally. Poor guy, I set out to get the water in sink warm then proceeded with the cat flea shampoo I had. I washed him for what seemed like a hour, but at last no more fleas. I dried him and cuddled him next to me. He purred the whole time, it seemed like he already knew he had a new home. My husband came in and said well what are we going to name him. I smiled and said "Wally, since we found him at Wal-mart." I gave him a saucer of warm catsmilk and some catfood. He ate and purred, then fell asleep in a catbed we had. The next day he seemed like he wasn't very perky. So my husband took him to his first Vet's visit. The doctor said he had a cold from being exposed to the weather and from mewing so much. He was given antibiotics and his first examination and shots. He blossomed into such a beautiful cat with what looked like a hershey's kiss planted on his nose. He is a wonderful addition to our home.

Enter the Wally

It was a cold and rainy November night in 2004, that Wally entered our lives. We had gone to the local Wal-Mart Supercenter to do our weekly shopping. We had got out of the car and headed to the store when I thought I heard what I sounded like a cat. My first thought was that it can't be. I was so used to hearing my cats meow I thought I was imagining things. So we was half way to the store and I heard the meow again, this time louder and sounded very urgent. I turned to my husband and said " I think I hear a cat meowing. He said he heard it too at about that time a skinny pitieful looking black and white kitten ran right up to me. His sad little eyes pleaded with me. I picked him up and said "You poor little baby, who could have the heart to just dump you off like this." Well I turned to my husband and we both could not beleive how this could happen to the little guy. I told my husband to put him in the warm car, someone had also put a rubberband around his neck which I promptly removed. We agreed that our shopping would be really quick. We already had 3 cats at home. Princess a sweet older grey and white cat. Tigger a older longhair cat and Smokygirl a silver grey manx. At the time I wasn't sure if another cat in the home was going to be a good idea or not. We finished our shopping within 15 minutes. As soon as I opened the car door the little baby jumped in my lap with a loud meow and purr.
He melted my heart right then and there.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

After being married for a ew years, I decided to adopt a new kitty a beautiful female calico with soft flowing long hair. I named her Booboo, and after a year she became impregnated. She had a lovely litter of kittens with same gorgeous fur. I decided to keep one of the kittens, as Booboo decided to take up residence elsewhere. The beautiful orange and white kitten I kept, I named him Pumpkin. He was so awesome, he loved paper sacks and loved to shred them. He was a very special cat to me. But when I was growing up I was never advised back then it was wise to spay and neuter your pets. It was the early 80's, I loved Pumpkin dearly. But he liked to roam and go outside at night, I thought it was what cats do. Pumpkin came in one morning covered in blood, it scared me terribly. I tried to clean him up as best I could, I took him to a local vet after he started to refuse his food that afternoon. The vet told me when tomcats fight they can get what is called feline anemia, at the time the vet said the best thing we could do is not let him suffer. He was put to rest that afternoon. It hurt me really bad and I cried for weeks on end. Months went by, finally my mom told me of a lady that had a momma kitty and some kittens that needed a good home. I fell in love with the kittens the momma cat was on the wild side and only allowed me to feed her and play with the kittens in a shed we kept her in a bed with a towel. I managed to find loving homes for the kittens but decided to keep 2 female tabbys. They almost looked alike, I named one T.C., short for Tiger Cat and the other one was Misty. This time both of them got spayed when they turned 6 months old. These 2 turned out to be my nearest and dearest friends. Wherever I went they went. The next 12 years they moved with us numerous times. T.C. was like my baby, she had the freedom to go outside when we lived in the country we went on hikes together all the time. Misty followed along too. I couldn't beleive it these cats behaved like dogs, they even liked to go to the creek and I would wade in the water, and they would try to find a tree that had fallen so they could cross and not get their little cat feet wet.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My cats throughout my life

As a little girl I always remember having cats around. My earliest rememberence was of a big black and white cat named Tom. I also had 2 dogs at a early age, I remember one was a small tan dog named Sandy. I am not sure about the color or size of the other one. However, also at about this same time, I was scared very badly by 2 mean big nasty German sheperd dogs from somewhere in the neighborhood. I remember they chased me into a garage and I escaped by climbing up a big pile of wood. Their growls and barks embedded in my mind at the time that dogs were scary, they wanted to bite. Thence my love and adoration for cats.

We had many cats while I was growing up mostly outdoor, feral type cats. Then my next remembrance of a cat was when I was sixteen. We had a beautiful female tabby, we called her ms. kitty. I noticed her tummy was growing and it was only a matter of weeks before she gave birth to 5 kittens, which she delivered no less on my bed. I got to watch the whole birthing process which was so amazing and wonderful. I begged my mom to let me keep one of them as they was being weaned from their mom. She did let me keep a gorgeous striped male tabby that I promptly named Tornado. He was a whirlwind of fun and pleasure for me. He was rambucous just like his name foretold.

I had started dating at the time Tornado was a kitten, when my boyfriend came around with his automobile, Tornado thought he should be able to hitch a ride. It was hilarous when many a time my boyfriend would be halfway home when out from under the seat Tornado would pounce. Of course he would bring the little guy back home to me. I think my parents wondered if I was putting the kitten up to it. Of course I wasn't. Tornado was my cat, but my brother harassed him and pulled his tail like boys will do. I kept telling my brother that one day Tornado is going to get you back. Sure enough after 4 months of having his tail pulled, one day out of nowhere Tornado was watching him from the roof. My brother rounded the corner and Tornado jumped right onto his face and scratched him from head to shoulder. He was treated by a doctor for cat scratch fever, but it taught him a good lesson not to mess with the cat. My parents never scolded Tornado they knew I had kept telling my brother to stop it and he wouldn't. Tornado was truly my best friend, then I decided to marry and we lived close to my parents. But, Tornado would not stay at my home and eventually he must have run off, I looked and looked for him.