Friday, November 13, 2009

Why I love Autumn

Autumn is a time for all plants to rest from the growing season. Unless you live in the really deep south, most plants will die within the first frost. Evergreens, however, will remain green and stay that way throughout the winter. Even perienniels will die back so they can return in the spring. Some animals also hibernate throughout the winter months. I like to think of Autumn as earth's time for a rest. It also gives me a chance to look forward to Springtime, which everything comes back to life and starts all over again. I love watching the leaves as they swirl through the air in various shades of gold, rust, and maroon. Yes, Autumn brings cooler temperatures, the morning air is filled with crispness, the earth smells fresh and alive. This is the time of year my cats love to watch the squirrels as they go about gathering nuts for the winter months. They can sit hours on end watching these little critters, they get so excited and chatter at them. I also put food out for the birds, I know they also need nutritution for the cold winter months. So this is why I love Autumn, enjoy the fall my friends to look forward again to spring.

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Anonymous said...

Autumn is my favourite time of the year too, I love the colours and the mellowness. It's like this blog, a lovely place to visit to escape the funny old world for a while.