Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Greetings, hope everyone is having a great day. Hoping to spread a ray of sunshine to all my followers and readers. My thought for the day is to remain positive. There is alot of negativity in this world that loves to rear it's ugly head. Being positive isn't easy. I know, I thought my answer to life's problems was to drink. I thought I could drown my problems away. Then I awoke one morning and thought this really was not the answer. I haven't had a drink for almost six months now. I guess I denied I ever had a real problem like alot of achololics out there. I chose to take a stance. Never did I attend achololics anonymous. I just Quit! That was a eye opener. I had the willpower to overcome that devil, and I did. Yes, I do have those day's that don't go right and I get that thrist for it. I know now though I have a different path to follow and I am. That's why I am writing this. To let everyone know there is hope. Take what life has to throw at you today and make lemonade. Laugh, have a good laugh even if it means looking at funny videos or reading a good joke.

"Missing You"

I'm sitting here listening to the music we once danced to;
It makes me feel a little blue,
because I'm thinking of you.
It's not just a phase I'm going through;
Can't you see my love;
I'm missing you?
I would give anything to be by
your side;
to stop the many tears I've cried.
This pain inside is real;
I can't help the way I feel.
Yes, I am missing you dear;
I so want you to be near.
These long winter days will pass by
Then we can be together at last.

Good Wednesday morning, this is entitled-"Ode to Lovers"

In the middle of the night;
I did sit in my bed upright.
In the stillness I listened;
Reflections of light on the window pane
My dream seemed so incredibly real;
The taste of wine on my lips I still feel.
Until the morning we did dance and dine;
We kissed in the rain;
Strolled down lover's lane.
With our hands entwined;
We became one within each others mind.
Our souls met there;
Unerneath the big oak my passion I
did share.
As my body gave way to yours and time
stood still;
I remember my dream of us together
on that grassy green hill.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thought waves

I have entitled this thought waves. Have you ever stopped to think how many thoughts you could amass in a day? The answer could actually total into the thousands. I previously spoke of having hope. Hope also acquires having faith, both are emotions. This also relates to thoughts. The more I research the thought principles, faith, and hope they all relate to each other. Why am I writing on this? Because I really desire to have the best life can offer. Yes, I am thankful for all that I have. I thank God I woke up this morning to a roof over my head, food in the kitchen, a TV to watch. That mountain of debt is still there though. Unpaid bills stare at me, how are they going to get paid. I know it's tough to think positive, part of me wants to cry. What good is that, right? So I take in mother nature, the beautiful flowers in my garden. The birds at the feeder, they sure don't looke worried. When I look at each of my wonderful cats they don't look worried. My cats keep me happy, they make me smile by their antics. Faith has brought me through alot of ordeals, so many I probably can't remember them all. I cling to that faith still. These bills will get paid, somehow, some way. God isn't finished with me yet. The Bible says that God has a plan for my life. Believeth and faith will lead me on. I will continue to be positive and smile. My thought waves will help me achieve the best. Keep on smiling.

Monday, October 12, 2009

What the world needs-HOPE

Good day to all. With all this talk of 2012 being doomsday and all the negativty this creates. I have realized what this world needs is Hope. Hope isn't something you can buy, see, or even touch. We all can lose hope at different times in our lives, that is the easy part. To hold onto something that we can't see, now that's the hard part. I too catch myself doing this. I lose track of what my truth faith is. I only see a mountain of unpaid bills, collection notices, and calls that I choose to ignore because I get so overwhelmed that the feeling of doom gets me to succumb. Then I try to remember that there is hope. Hope of a tomorrow and all I have to do is have Faith, even if it is small as a mustard seed. Faith cannot be seen either, it is like the wind. You can only see the wind as it brushes past the leaves in the trees or feel it brush by you on your skin. We can all use Faith to move those mountains each and everyone of us faces. Find faith today my friends, have the hope that tomorrow will bring good tidings. My prayers are with all of you.