Monday, October 12, 2009

What the world needs-HOPE

Good day to all. With all this talk of 2012 being doomsday and all the negativty this creates. I have realized what this world needs is Hope. Hope isn't something you can buy, see, or even touch. We all can lose hope at different times in our lives, that is the easy part. To hold onto something that we can't see, now that's the hard part. I too catch myself doing this. I lose track of what my truth faith is. I only see a mountain of unpaid bills, collection notices, and calls that I choose to ignore because I get so overwhelmed that the feeling of doom gets me to succumb. Then I try to remember that there is hope. Hope of a tomorrow and all I have to do is have Faith, even if it is small as a mustard seed. Faith cannot be seen either, it is like the wind. You can only see the wind as it brushes past the leaves in the trees or feel it brush by you on your skin. We can all use Faith to move those mountains each and everyone of us faces. Find faith today my friends, have the hope that tomorrow will bring good tidings. My prayers are with all of you.

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