Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ode to Smokygirl

In remebrance of my beloved Smokygirl I wrote this poem

We got you when such a small little kitten
Yes I admit I was quite smitten
The softness of velvet was your fur
Your stubby little tail as a manx
I knew I had to have you for sure
I miss you my friend, my beautiful silver girl
I miss you jumping on my back
Playing with my hair as if on a attack
I know that you are now truly free
and in my heart forever you will always be
My Beautiful Smokygirl

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We took the little tuxedo kitten home. Feeling sorry for him, the first thing I did when we got home was to take him into the bathroom and inspect him. As I did so I seen something moving in his fur turned out he was covered in fleas, literally. Poor guy, I set out to get the water in sink warm then proceeded with the cat flea shampoo I had. I washed him for what seemed like a hour, but at last no more fleas. I dried him and cuddled him next to me. He purred the whole time, it seemed like he already knew he had a new home. My husband came in and said well what are we going to name him. I smiled and said "Wally, since we found him at Wal-mart." I gave him a saucer of warm catsmilk and some catfood. He ate and purred, then fell asleep in a catbed we had. The next day he seemed like he wasn't very perky. So my husband took him to his first Vet's visit. The doctor said he had a cold from being exposed to the weather and from mewing so much. He was given antibiotics and his first examination and shots. He blossomed into such a beautiful cat with what looked like a hershey's kiss planted on his nose. He is a wonderful addition to our home.

Enter the Wally

It was a cold and rainy November night in 2004, that Wally entered our lives. We had gone to the local Wal-Mart Supercenter to do our weekly shopping. We had got out of the car and headed to the store when I thought I heard what I sounded like a cat. My first thought was that it can't be. I was so used to hearing my cats meow I thought I was imagining things. So we was half way to the store and I heard the meow again, this time louder and sounded very urgent. I turned to my husband and said " I think I hear a cat meowing. He said he heard it too at about that time a skinny pitieful looking black and white kitten ran right up to me. His sad little eyes pleaded with me. I picked him up and said "You poor little baby, who could have the heart to just dump you off like this." Well I turned to my husband and we both could not beleive how this could happen to the little guy. I told my husband to put him in the warm car, someone had also put a rubberband around his neck which I promptly removed. We agreed that our shopping would be really quick. We already had 3 cats at home. Princess a sweet older grey and white cat. Tigger a older longhair cat and Smokygirl a silver grey manx. At the time I wasn't sure if another cat in the home was going to be a good idea or not. We finished our shopping within 15 minutes. As soon as I opened the car door the little baby jumped in my lap with a loud meow and purr.
He melted my heart right then and there.