Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring and Grandma

Here it is the last day of February, leap year too! It feels a lot like spring here in Oklahoma, the daffodils are starting to bloom. I have always loved spring, it is one of my favorite seasons. All the trees and flowers that go dormant in the winter spring back to new life. It is truly a season to rejoice in; I have always loved to garden and plant flowers in the spring. I find myself going to the garden centers and browsing up and down the aisles of fragrant flowers, vegetables, and the newest of gardening supplies. I can truly spend hours at the gardening center, I start to think of the flowers, where they would fit into my flower beds. It brings back the happy memories of childhood, where I remember my mom and grandmother that also loved to garden. My grandmother had some of the most beatiful flowers I have ever seen. Flowers that I don't see anymore, she would order all kinds of flowers and vegetable seeds from all over the world. She took care when planting the seeds, making sure they got plenty of sunlight, water, and fertilizer. She really had a green thumb, as well as my mom did too, but grandma took risks in not worrying if they would grow in this climate or not. Her garden was one bloom after the other, and the vegetables had the sweetest of flavors, tastes I haven't tasted in along time. I miss my mom and grandma so very much, but the glory of it is that I know one day I will see them again in Heaven. Both of them loved the Lord very much, I can still remember my grandma preaching fire and brimstone, it now brings a smile to my face. I think that is why now as I grow older that I realize she did it to save me from that plight. As a child it scared me have to death, she once said that when the blimp was new transporation, before her grandma had never seen one, she said that thing flew over there home. It was huge she said, her grandma said it was the angel Gabriel coming to get them. Now, I realize though with all the aircraft we have in the air, something different might have me too thinking it was something out of this world. It will be a sweet rejoicing when we can all be together again. Thanks Grandma for all your wonderful stories.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What being positive has done

Life has really been challenging for me these past few months, first it was my job coming up with new quotas we had to make. They started requiring us to do more and more, I felt it was just too much. Then my husband got mad at his employer and just walked out off the job so he doesn't even qualify for unemployment. He still doesn't have a job, and there is bills still coming in. So I have started reading a lot of positive books, then I have been praying a lot more. I started memorizing bible scripture and started confessing God's word and standing on His promises. I listen to my favorite Christian radio station everyday, KLOVE. Somehow, I know in my heart God is going to work things out. Also, I started giving donations of faith, these mountains are going to move. I go to work with a smile on my face, I will not be defeated as I am an overcomer through the blood of Jesus Christ and by the word of my testimony!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Golden Eyes

The doctor rushed to Kat's room, to find her passed out. He was quite puzzled at what had happened, perhaps she had tried to do too much too soon. Kat felt like all the energy had drained out of her, she came to and asked what had happened. She told the doctor that she had regained most of the memory of that night, I told the detective about the man I seen before I went unconscience. The doctor then said "Well you did have a pretty good bump on the back of your head" "just take it easy and rest this afternoon" the detective then said "I need to get going and I will get that description of the man that hurt you out to the department. Ket had failed to tell the detective about the big tiger striped tomcat though, the tomcat had been her savior and had somehow sent help. She felt a deep gratitude of how he had come to her rescue, once she was released she wanted to see if she could find him. That night Kat did get some decent sleep, she awoke the next morning to good news that she would be released that day. She called a friend that said they would be able to stop by and take here home. She combed her hair, brushed her teeth and got ready, then before she knew her friend Cathy was there to take her home. "Well it looks like you have seen better days" Kat replied "Yes, I have" and chuckled. "Have they caught the guy that did this?" Cathy asked. "Not yet but they are hopeful" "Cathy would you mind us stopping by the alley by the deli?" she replied "No I don't mind, but why?" Kat replied "Well let's just say that I want to see if I can find a tiger striped tomcat" "I want to take him some food, that is if he is hanging around" by then they had arrived at the deli. Kat went in and bought some choice cut prime rib, she asked the deli owner if he ever see a big tomcat with stripes roaming the alley. He told her he seen one that was a very big cat, said that he yowled like nothing a regular housecat mowed. Kat thanked him and left, she hobbled into the back alley, not knowing if he would be there since it was daylight. She left the the meat in a wrapper, and put it atop a window sill. She was tired and needed rest, she wouldn't be coming around this place at night anymore. She hoped the tomcat would find his thank you gift, with that Kat hobbled back to the car with fond memories of a golden eyed big striped tomcat that she would never see again. The End

Friday, February 17, 2012

Golden Eyes

Kat's leg was still hurting when she stood on it, the nurse brought some crutches for her to get used to. She looked at the clock impatiently it was almost noon. She wanted to get the questions by the detective over with, about that same time he showed up at the door. She nodded for him to come in, he entered the room. "Good afternoon" he said "It looks like you are feeling better, I do hope you can answer some questions for me today." She looked at him in the eyes and said "Well, I do remember now about a man that was tall and had dark hair." She was thinking that she need more details, then she remembered "He looked like he was in his early 30's, he was kind of scruffy looking, hair disheveled, slender in size, and a tattoo of a dragon going down his right arm." The detective took his notes, then said "Did you know this guy by any chance?" She thought a moment about it, then she said "he did look familiar like a guy I once knew in high school, but I can't be positive." "I was walking last night and decided to stop by the deli," "It was getting late and they were fixing to close" "I ordered a pastrami sandwich, then left with the sack in hand" she thought about it some more "I had just left the deli, was walking towards the library" she felt her stomach feeling to get nauseated again. "From out of nowhere, I see the guy with a crowbar" she felt like she couldn't go on with the questioning. The room started to spin, and she fainted. The detective rushed out and called for a doctor to hurry to her room.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Golden Eyes

Kat awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, her spirit soared and she felt so much better, a little pain but nothing like last night. She heard a faint knock on the door and a young doctor entered her room, it look like he had just came out of med school. "Good morning" he said, he then stated that she had a mild concussion and that her leg wrap needed to be changed daily and salve put on it to help speed the healing. He then advised her that she would only be there a couple of more days, then added that the detective said he would be back later that morning. In her mind dhe thought oh great just what I needed, but she nodded and tried to give a faint smile. He left the room, an orderly with a tray of meds and a pitcher of water entered the room. He didn't say much and turned to go, saying that the breakfast tray would be there in about a hour. She wasn't very hungry and the thought of food made her feel nauseated. Nevertheless, she managed to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her hair was matted and tangled, little lumps of dried blood was intwined in it. She managed to find her purse that was brought in with her to the hospital. Finally she found a comb and she tried to comb through the tangled mess. The breakfast tray arrived, she was only interested in the toast and hot tea, and pushed the rest aside. Then she tried her best to look presentable for when the detective arrived.
Kat awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, her head didn't hurt much as it had before. However, she thought it was promising that she was begininng to feel a little better. She heard the doctor in the hallway, and briefly took in the smells of food, which still made her feel nauseated. About that time she heard a faint knock at the door, the doctor made his way over to her bedside. He was a young tall doctor, looked like he was just out of med school. She tried to smile, though she looked like she had been in a boxing match. With chart in hand the young doctor began the prognosis of her condition. He began by saying "Good morning". He then explained that she had a mild concussion, her leg was wrapped and needed a salve to be applied everyday to help the healing. She nodded and then he said "depending on how you feel, you should be out of here in a couple of days." then he said "By the way, the detective said he would stop by later" with that he disappeared. She thought great just what I need another session with that detective. Another faint knock and a orderly with a table of meds and a water pitcher came through the door. "Breakfast will be served in about a hour." after she took the pain med, he again left the room. Kat wasn't hungry when the breakfast tray came, so she sipped some water. She decided she would relax and try to remember the best she could at what had happened since her mind didn't feel so foggy as it did last night.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Golden Eyes

The striped tomcat had made the alley behind the deli his territory and it went a good mile or so up to some old rundown apartments. He had grown up on a farm in the suburbs, he didn't remember much on his upbringings. However, it was rumored that his mother was a ordinary farm cat, but his father the sire was a lynx. Thus, this made him extrodinarly big in size, his markings were very striking and made him look like a small tiger. When the tomcat meowed it was more of a rumble, and his purr was louder than the normal housecat. The tomcat had been in the alley that night Kat had been harmed, he had seen the tall, dark haired man beating her with a tool meant for a car. In order to get the man to quit striking her he leaped onto the man and started scratching the man's face and eyes, the man screamed in agony and tried to pull the tomcat off of him. The tomcat held his grip, he pratically ripped the man's ear off, the tomcat let out a menacing growl followed by a long shrill hiss. Before the tomcat let go of the man he spoke "Never in my territory!" Startled the man gasped, he was covered in blood, it looked like there wasn't a place on his face that hadn't been mauled by the tomcat. The man ran as soon as he loosed him to go into the dark he fled in a blind run. Next, the tomcat ran to the woman, she was injured badly. He leaned over her face and licked the tears that ran down from her pretty green eyes. He sensed that she needed help, he seen her leg had a big gash and it looked like it was cut to the bone. He listened to her shallow breaths of air and watched her chest as it rose up and down with each breath she took. He purred as if he was trying to comfort her, she opened her eyes a couple of times and blinked them as if not realizing he was a cat. She had a good pulse, it seemed she was fading in and out of sleep. His paw gently touched her face, he was concerned, he had yowled so loudly and finally got the attention of the deli owner. The deli owner waddled out of the shop to see a young woman crumpled on the dark, wet pavement. He immediately ran into his shop to get a ambulance on the way, in the meantime the tomcat sat with Kat and whispered "everything is going to be alright."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Golden Eyes

Dreams came and went the first night Kat was in the hospital. She went from one dream to the next, one stood out though, a tall man with dark hair. It seemed like he was talking with her about a house, one that she was looking to buy. Was he somehow tied to the night before? Kate's mind was racing with so many questions and the reason why. All of a sudden she woke up with a start, she was drenched in sweat. She glanced out the hospital room window and could of sworn she seen those golden eyes peering into the darkness. How could that be? She thought the nurse said she was on the tenth floor? Then she decided maybe it was the pain medicine causing her to hallucinate. Again she slept, this time her dream was of the tiger striped tabby, he appeared much larger than the normal housecat. He was purring really loud as if almost a rumble, he reached out to her with a gentle paw. It was almost like he was telling her it was going to be alright. She was positive he was somehow connected to what had happened to her last night, but how? The next thing she knew it was 5:00 am in the morning, she heard the nurses in the hallway changing their shifts. They whispered about her and how she was brought in last night, no reports of what had happened.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kat had not even a clue to how she must look. She was hooked up to oxygen, and a IV was dripping slowly into her arm. She hadn't even realized the bruising on her face and the scratches on both arms. Needless to say her leg was wrapped in a cast, it still was throbbing. Her long blonde locks were tangled, and extra care would need to be taken when brushing it. Detective O'Shea was pleasantly looking at her waiting for her reply. With quivering lips, Kat began to speak. "Let me first say Detective O'Shea that I can't recall much of what happened last night. It is just a cloud of hazy gray." Oddly enough she again found herself thinking of those Golden eyes piercing into her thoughts. The detective looked at her with a mix of puzzlement or disbelief, she could not be sure which. Again he spoke, Ms Oliver you were brought into Mercy North's emergency room last night with a gash protruding from your left leg and a severe bump on the back of your head." "Can you think of anything that might help us to find out who did this to you?" She found herself shaking her head no, for right now she was just wanting to sleep and that was what she did. Dreams came to her so sharp and vivid, alive with color. There the big grey tabbed tomcat was watching her breathing, then he jumped away just as she had reached out to pet him in gratitude.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Golden Eyes

    The dull throb in her leg was beginning to cry out in agony. In fact it seemed to go from her ankle all the way up to her knee. She glanced down to see a gash penetrating up the side of her left leg.  Golden eyes held his steadfast gaze at her. What was the strange noise he was making? All at once his ears perked up, he was gone in a slit second.
    Again, she knew she needed help; she screamed with all her might could muster. With her voice cracking, she again passed out from the pain. The next thing she remembered was awakening to familiar faces and the bright white lights of a hospital room. Smells of familiarity now filled her lungs.
    Nurse Megan the name badge said; leaned over her and smiled; "Good morning, I am here to get your vitals" Kat blinked and then managed a hoarse "Okay" Her throat felt like it was on fire. A memory from the night before flashed before her eyes. What intrigued her more though was those glassy Golden eyes.
    She heard a tapping on the door and then a slightly overweight, well dressed, well groomed older man entered into the room. In a very professional tone he began by saying "Hello, my name is Detective Matt O'Shea." "I heard you was found in a alley behind Gleeson's Bar & Grill; looks like someone roughed you up pretty good." "Do you recall any of the event's that led up to this"? Kat took in his words and they lingered only minutes, she was again drifting off into a restless sleep.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Golden Eyes"

Enveloped by the shadows of the fog so thick, and so dark, in the middle of October. The night felt colder than any other night as Kat clung to life. The putrid smell of petroleum from exhaust fumes drilled into her nostrils. Kat felt her leg go numb. What happened to her that night was a blur.
Struggling to reserve her energy she went limp and crumpled on the moist ground. Somewhere in the darkness of the alley, she heard the faintness the sirens screeching.
Kat a 5'7 beautiful blonde woman at 32, she was lean and trim she always struggled to keep her body in shape. She was a nurse at Mercy Hospital. She had many rewards of recognition on her accomplishments as a Triage nurse. Her main goal in life had always been to help those in need of care; and now she was the one in need of that care.
Suddenly she awoke with a startle, trying to stifle back a scare of suprise, a moan escaped her mouth. Looking down at her was a beautiful tiger striped tomcat. It had appeared that he had been licking the tears that had run down her cheeks moments earlier. She blinked her green eyes; fantasied by his golden eyes. Eyes that seemed to bore right into the depths of her soul. He seemed to understand her without words even being spoken. Kat sensed the tom knew she was in severe pain. Her mind was still a hazy shade of grey, but the pain was real.