Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kat awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, her head didn't hurt much as it had before. However, she thought it was promising that she was begininng to feel a little better. She heard the doctor in the hallway, and briefly took in the smells of food, which still made her feel nauseated. About that time she heard a faint knock at the door, the doctor made his way over to her bedside. He was a young tall doctor, looked like he was just out of med school. She tried to smile, though she looked like she had been in a boxing match. With chart in hand the young doctor began the prognosis of her condition. He began by saying "Good morning". He then explained that she had a mild concussion, her leg was wrapped and needed a salve to be applied everyday to help the healing. She nodded and then he said "depending on how you feel, you should be out of here in a couple of days." then he said "By the way, the detective said he would stop by later" with that he disappeared. She thought great just what I need another session with that detective. Another faint knock and a orderly with a table of meds and a water pitcher came through the door. "Breakfast will be served in about a hour." after she took the pain med, he again left the room. Kat wasn't hungry when the breakfast tray came, so she sipped some water. She decided she would relax and try to remember the best she could at what had happened since her mind didn't feel so foggy as it did last night.

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