Sunday, February 12, 2012

Golden Eyes

Dreams came and went the first night Kat was in the hospital. She went from one dream to the next, one stood out though, a tall man with dark hair. It seemed like he was talking with her about a house, one that she was looking to buy. Was he somehow tied to the night before? Kate's mind was racing with so many questions and the reason why. All of a sudden she woke up with a start, she was drenched in sweat. She glanced out the hospital room window and could of sworn she seen those golden eyes peering into the darkness. How could that be? She thought the nurse said she was on the tenth floor? Then she decided maybe it was the pain medicine causing her to hallucinate. Again she slept, this time her dream was of the tiger striped tabby, he appeared much larger than the normal housecat. He was purring really loud as if almost a rumble, he reached out to her with a gentle paw. It was almost like he was telling her it was going to be alright. She was positive he was somehow connected to what had happened to her last night, but how? The next thing she knew it was 5:00 am in the morning, she heard the nurses in the hallway changing their shifts. They whispered about her and how she was brought in last night, no reports of what had happened.

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Mariodacat said...

Can't wait to hear what happens next post.