Friday, February 10, 2012

Golden Eyes

    The dull throb in her leg was beginning to cry out in agony. In fact it seemed to go from her ankle all the way up to her knee. She glanced down to see a gash penetrating up the side of her left leg.  Golden eyes held his steadfast gaze at her. What was the strange noise he was making? All at once his ears perked up, he was gone in a slit second.
    Again, she knew she needed help; she screamed with all her might could muster. With her voice cracking, she again passed out from the pain. The next thing she remembered was awakening to familiar faces and the bright white lights of a hospital room. Smells of familiarity now filled her lungs.
    Nurse Megan the name badge said; leaned over her and smiled; "Good morning, I am here to get your vitals" Kat blinked and then managed a hoarse "Okay" Her throat felt like it was on fire. A memory from the night before flashed before her eyes. What intrigued her more though was those glassy Golden eyes.
    She heard a tapping on the door and then a slightly overweight, well dressed, well groomed older man entered into the room. In a very professional tone he began by saying "Hello, my name is Detective Matt O'Shea." "I heard you was found in a alley behind Gleeson's Bar & Grill; looks like someone roughed you up pretty good." "Do you recall any of the event's that led up to this"? Kat took in his words and they lingered only minutes, she was again drifting off into a restless sleep.

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Mariodacat said...

Mario's mom here: This is a very exciting story. I'm sitting here in suspense wondering what will happen next.