Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kat had not even a clue to how she must look. She was hooked up to oxygen, and a IV was dripping slowly into her arm. She hadn't even realized the bruising on her face and the scratches on both arms. Needless to say her leg was wrapped in a cast, it still was throbbing. Her long blonde locks were tangled, and extra care would need to be taken when brushing it. Detective O'Shea was pleasantly looking at her waiting for her reply. With quivering lips, Kat began to speak. "Let me first say Detective O'Shea that I can't recall much of what happened last night. It is just a cloud of hazy gray." Oddly enough she again found herself thinking of those Golden eyes piercing into her thoughts. The detective looked at her with a mix of puzzlement or disbelief, she could not be sure which. Again he spoke, Ms Oliver you were brought into Mercy North's emergency room last night with a gash protruding from your left leg and a severe bump on the back of your head." "Can you think of anything that might help us to find out who did this to you?" She found herself shaking her head no, for right now she was just wanting to sleep and that was what she did. Dreams came to her so sharp and vivid, alive with color. There the big grey tabbed tomcat was watching her breathing, then he jumped away just as she had reached out to pet him in gratitude.

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