Friday, February 17, 2012

Golden Eyes

Kat's leg was still hurting when she stood on it, the nurse brought some crutches for her to get used to. She looked at the clock impatiently it was almost noon. She wanted to get the questions by the detective over with, about that same time he showed up at the door. She nodded for him to come in, he entered the room. "Good afternoon" he said "It looks like you are feeling better, I do hope you can answer some questions for me today." She looked at him in the eyes and said "Well, I do remember now about a man that was tall and had dark hair." She was thinking that she need more details, then she remembered "He looked like he was in his early 30's, he was kind of scruffy looking, hair disheveled, slender in size, and a tattoo of a dragon going down his right arm." The detective took his notes, then said "Did you know this guy by any chance?" She thought a moment about it, then she said "he did look familiar like a guy I once knew in high school, but I can't be positive." "I was walking last night and decided to stop by the deli," "It was getting late and they were fixing to close" "I ordered a pastrami sandwich, then left with the sack in hand" she thought about it some more "I had just left the deli, was walking towards the library" she felt her stomach feeling to get nauseated again. "From out of nowhere, I see the guy with a crowbar" she felt like she couldn't go on with the questioning. The room started to spin, and she fainted. The detective rushed out and called for a doctor to hurry to her room.

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