Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Golden Eyes

The striped tomcat had made the alley behind the deli his territory and it went a good mile or so up to some old rundown apartments. He had grown up on a farm in the suburbs, he didn't remember much on his upbringings. However, it was rumored that his mother was a ordinary farm cat, but his father the sire was a lynx. Thus, this made him extrodinarly big in size, his markings were very striking and made him look like a small tiger. When the tomcat meowed it was more of a rumble, and his purr was louder than the normal housecat. The tomcat had been in the alley that night Kat had been harmed, he had seen the tall, dark haired man beating her with a tool meant for a car. In order to get the man to quit striking her he leaped onto the man and started scratching the man's face and eyes, the man screamed in agony and tried to pull the tomcat off of him. The tomcat held his grip, he pratically ripped the man's ear off, the tomcat let out a menacing growl followed by a long shrill hiss. Before the tomcat let go of the man he spoke "Never in my territory!" Startled the man gasped, he was covered in blood, it looked like there wasn't a place on his face that hadn't been mauled by the tomcat. The man ran as soon as he loosed him to go into the dark he fled in a blind run. Next, the tomcat ran to the woman, she was injured badly. He leaned over her face and licked the tears that ran down from her pretty green eyes. He sensed that she needed help, he seen her leg had a big gash and it looked like it was cut to the bone. He listened to her shallow breaths of air and watched her chest as it rose up and down with each breath she took. He purred as if he was trying to comfort her, she opened her eyes a couple of times and blinked them as if not realizing he was a cat. She had a good pulse, it seemed she was fading in and out of sleep. His paw gently touched her face, he was concerned, he had yowled so loudly and finally got the attention of the deli owner. The deli owner waddled out of the shop to see a young woman crumpled on the dark, wet pavement. He immediately ran into his shop to get a ambulance on the way, in the meantime the tomcat sat with Kat and whispered "everything is going to be alright."

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