Sunday, February 19, 2012

Golden Eyes

The doctor rushed to Kat's room, to find her passed out. He was quite puzzled at what had happened, perhaps she had tried to do too much too soon. Kat felt like all the energy had drained out of her, she came to and asked what had happened. She told the doctor that she had regained most of the memory of that night, I told the detective about the man I seen before I went unconscience. The doctor then said "Well you did have a pretty good bump on the back of your head" "just take it easy and rest this afternoon" the detective then said "I need to get going and I will get that description of the man that hurt you out to the department. Ket had failed to tell the detective about the big tiger striped tomcat though, the tomcat had been her savior and had somehow sent help. She felt a deep gratitude of how he had come to her rescue, once she was released she wanted to see if she could find him. That night Kat did get some decent sleep, she awoke the next morning to good news that she would be released that day. She called a friend that said they would be able to stop by and take here home. She combed her hair, brushed her teeth and got ready, then before she knew her friend Cathy was there to take her home. "Well it looks like you have seen better days" Kat replied "Yes, I have" and chuckled. "Have they caught the guy that did this?" Cathy asked. "Not yet but they are hopeful" "Cathy would you mind us stopping by the alley by the deli?" she replied "No I don't mind, but why?" Kat replied "Well let's just say that I want to see if I can find a tiger striped tomcat" "I want to take him some food, that is if he is hanging around" by then they had arrived at the deli. Kat went in and bought some choice cut prime rib, she asked the deli owner if he ever see a big tomcat with stripes roaming the alley. He told her he seen one that was a very big cat, said that he yowled like nothing a regular housecat mowed. Kat thanked him and left, she hobbled into the back alley, not knowing if he would be there since it was daylight. She left the the meat in a wrapper, and put it atop a window sill. She was tired and needed rest, she wouldn't be coming around this place at night anymore. She hoped the tomcat would find his thank you gift, with that Kat hobbled back to the car with fond memories of a golden eyed big striped tomcat that she would never see again. The End

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Mariodacat said...

Very nice. I'm sorry to see it come to an end tho. Hope you will write more short stories.