Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Golden Eyes"

Enveloped by the shadows of the fog so thick, and so dark, in the middle of October. The night felt colder than any other night as Kat clung to life. The putrid smell of petroleum from exhaust fumes drilled into her nostrils. Kat felt her leg go numb. What happened to her that night was a blur.
Struggling to reserve her energy she went limp and crumpled on the moist ground. Somewhere in the darkness of the alley, she heard the faintness the sirens screeching.
Kat a 5'7 beautiful blonde woman at 32, she was lean and trim she always struggled to keep her body in shape. She was a nurse at Mercy Hospital. She had many rewards of recognition on her accomplishments as a Triage nurse. Her main goal in life had always been to help those in need of care; and now she was the one in need of that care.
Suddenly she awoke with a startle, trying to stifle back a scare of suprise, a moan escaped her mouth. Looking down at her was a beautiful tiger striped tomcat. It had appeared that he had been licking the tears that had run down her cheeks moments earlier. She blinked her green eyes; fantasied by his golden eyes. Eyes that seemed to bore right into the depths of her soul. He seemed to understand her without words even being spoken. Kat sensed the tom knew she was in severe pain. Her mind was still a hazy shade of grey, but the pain was real.

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Mariodacat said...

Oh man - don't leave me in suspense like this. more please!!