Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where have I been?

Time fly's when you are having fun. LOL I haven't been anywhere, just busy at work and trying to do some soul searching. I done alot of reading, clearing my my head, meditating. As I continue to grow in this journey of life that God meant for me; I believe I am growing spiritually. Last year I had two eye surgeries, one on the left eye and one on the right eye. I have glaucoma and uvetis in both eyes and there is nothing in this world more precious than eyesight. I still see a little bit of fuzziness and what damage that was done by the glaucoma may never have the 20/20 vision I once had. However, I count each day as a blessing and seeing the world, the beauty it offers is just awesome. Each day I thank God for the blessing he has provided for me. Alot of times we take for granted things such as eyesight, having 2 good arms and 2 legs to walk with. So I now I look at life a little bit differently, I smile more often. I find things that will put a smile on my face each and every day. My cats are such a joy to me, oh my how they put many smiles on my face. The antics and shenanigans they do is just marvelous. Beaver is a fun loving cat that is on twitter and facebook, I googled him this morning on cool cats he is number 10 on google search! Such a famous cat he is, he loves everyone and well if he could speak.....I am sure he would run for the presidency. LOL I am going to try and blog more. Love to all.

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Mariodacat said...

Eyes are very precious and we need to take care of them, which we all forget to do many times.