Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Greetings, hope everyone is having a great day. Hoping to spread a ray of sunshine to all my followers and readers. My thought for the day is to remain positive. There is alot of negativity in this world that loves to rear it's ugly head. Being positive isn't easy. I know, I thought my answer to life's problems was to drink. I thought I could drown my problems away. Then I awoke one morning and thought this really was not the answer. I haven't had a drink for almost six months now. I guess I denied I ever had a real problem like alot of achololics out there. I chose to take a stance. Never did I attend achololics anonymous. I just Quit! That was a eye opener. I had the willpower to overcome that devil, and I did. Yes, I do have those day's that don't go right and I get that thrist for it. I know now though I have a different path to follow and I am. That's why I am writing this. To let everyone know there is hope. Take what life has to throw at you today and make lemonade. Laugh, have a good laugh even if it means looking at funny videos or reading a good joke.

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