Friday, June 12, 2009

My cats throughout my life

As a little girl I always remember having cats around. My earliest rememberence was of a big black and white cat named Tom. I also had 2 dogs at a early age, I remember one was a small tan dog named Sandy. I am not sure about the color or size of the other one. However, also at about this same time, I was scared very badly by 2 mean big nasty German sheperd dogs from somewhere in the neighborhood. I remember they chased me into a garage and I escaped by climbing up a big pile of wood. Their growls and barks embedded in my mind at the time that dogs were scary, they wanted to bite. Thence my love and adoration for cats.

We had many cats while I was growing up mostly outdoor, feral type cats. Then my next remembrance of a cat was when I was sixteen. We had a beautiful female tabby, we called her ms. kitty. I noticed her tummy was growing and it was only a matter of weeks before she gave birth to 5 kittens, which she delivered no less on my bed. I got to watch the whole birthing process which was so amazing and wonderful. I begged my mom to let me keep one of them as they was being weaned from their mom. She did let me keep a gorgeous striped male tabby that I promptly named Tornado. He was a whirlwind of fun and pleasure for me. He was rambucous just like his name foretold.

I had started dating at the time Tornado was a kitten, when my boyfriend came around with his automobile, Tornado thought he should be able to hitch a ride. It was hilarous when many a time my boyfriend would be halfway home when out from under the seat Tornado would pounce. Of course he would bring the little guy back home to me. I think my parents wondered if I was putting the kitten up to it. Of course I wasn't. Tornado was my cat, but my brother harassed him and pulled his tail like boys will do. I kept telling my brother that one day Tornado is going to get you back. Sure enough after 4 months of having his tail pulled, one day out of nowhere Tornado was watching him from the roof. My brother rounded the corner and Tornado jumped right onto his face and scratched him from head to shoulder. He was treated by a doctor for cat scratch fever, but it taught him a good lesson not to mess with the cat. My parents never scolded Tornado they knew I had kept telling my brother to stop it and he wouldn't. Tornado was truly my best friend, then I decided to marry and we lived close to my parents. But, Tornado would not stay at my home and eventually he must have run off, I looked and looked for him.

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