Sunday, June 14, 2009

After being married for a ew years, I decided to adopt a new kitty a beautiful female calico with soft flowing long hair. I named her Booboo, and after a year she became impregnated. She had a lovely litter of kittens with same gorgeous fur. I decided to keep one of the kittens, as Booboo decided to take up residence elsewhere. The beautiful orange and white kitten I kept, I named him Pumpkin. He was so awesome, he loved paper sacks and loved to shred them. He was a very special cat to me. But when I was growing up I was never advised back then it was wise to spay and neuter your pets. It was the early 80's, I loved Pumpkin dearly. But he liked to roam and go outside at night, I thought it was what cats do. Pumpkin came in one morning covered in blood, it scared me terribly. I tried to clean him up as best I could, I took him to a local vet after he started to refuse his food that afternoon. The vet told me when tomcats fight they can get what is called feline anemia, at the time the vet said the best thing we could do is not let him suffer. He was put to rest that afternoon. It hurt me really bad and I cried for weeks on end. Months went by, finally my mom told me of a lady that had a momma kitty and some kittens that needed a good home. I fell in love with the kittens the momma cat was on the wild side and only allowed me to feed her and play with the kittens in a shed we kept her in a bed with a towel. I managed to find loving homes for the kittens but decided to keep 2 female tabbys. They almost looked alike, I named one T.C., short for Tiger Cat and the other one was Misty. This time both of them got spayed when they turned 6 months old. These 2 turned out to be my nearest and dearest friends. Wherever I went they went. The next 12 years they moved with us numerous times. T.C. was like my baby, she had the freedom to go outside when we lived in the country we went on hikes together all the time. Misty followed along too. I couldn't beleive it these cats behaved like dogs, they even liked to go to the creek and I would wade in the water, and they would try to find a tree that had fallen so they could cross and not get their little cat feet wet.

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