Monday, March 22, 2010

Another poem-Maybe I Heard It In A Song

Maybe I heard it in a song,
These feelings inside my heart seem so very strong;
What happened to the love we once shared?
You used to hold my hand,
til I put on that wedding band.
We once could talk for hours. you bought me
gifts and showed how much you cared.
Maybe I heard it in a song.
This pain in my heart continues to grow stronger:
I start to feel I cannot take it any longer.
Memories of how it used to be,
play like a reel in my mind.
If only I could make you see.
So now I search my soul;
not knowing what I will find.
Maybe I heard it in a song.
What is marriage all about?
These feelings inside are filling me with doubt.
I'm left to really wonder what is true love?
It keeps playing in my thoughts, time and time again;
An uphill battle I must win,
Maybe, just somehow, Maybe I heard it in a song.

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Mariodacat said...

Another bootiful poem.