Friday, January 7, 2011

Awaken O my Soul

Awaken O my soul; Sleeper within me awaken. Have you ever felt that your whole life is like a dream. That this body of flesh is just not yours? What if I would have had different parents or had I been born into a rich family. What really determines the pathes we take in this life? Are we too afraid to live the life we dream of? I am on a journey of my heart to search and find out. I am the apple of God's eye and my heart belong's to Him. This new year is going to be one where I find the treasure that I am searching for. The year that I awaken the sleeper within me. Perhaps it will be in my writing that I find it. Whatever God has for my life I am ready for the challenge and to overcome my fears. I want to soar as the eagle; to catch that thermal wind current and soar high in the sky. The eagle knows no fear, he waits and is patient to catch that current. When he does though; he is the most majestic bird of all. We were also made to be majestic; to live as sons and daughters of the living God. Most of us have lived with fears and failures; this year I take off that cloak of fear. This is the beginning of my journey; I will keep a update of my findings every week. I will be very interested in what I find and how majestic I can be.

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Mariodacat said...

You are off to a good start dear friend. Beautifully said!