Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Just let go!

Sometimes we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of life, we forget how much we are truly blessed. That's right we are blessed to live in a great country, some people are not so fortunate. I am starting on a new journey, I am looking forward to each new day that I have been given. A grateful heart and a thankful spirit that I have the tools before me to have a good life, I just have to put it in motion. Have you ever stopped to think how there is only one you? Think about it, no one else has your fingerprints, hair, or personalities. God has given each of us something that no other person on this earth has. Yet His word say's we are the apple of His eye. Sometimes I wonder why I am here, I am by far rich or famous and yet this big God loves me. Even when I have been mad at Him for the things I cannot control, I know He is patiently waiting for me to return back to Him. When I feel a gentle breeze, see the clouds floating by, or see a shooting star He is there. Somewhere up there, watching over me, He is every breathe that I take. I must learn to let go!

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